The Waltons - Based on The Lawton Family

The Lawton's
Real-life models for "The Walton's" in Annie Fellows Johnston's "Little Colonel" series

Major General Henry W. Lawton
("General Walton")
ca. 1899
Mary Craig Lawton, his wife
("Mrs. Walton")
ca. 1900
Manly C. Lawton
(Ranald, "The Little Captain")
age 11
Frances Lawton
("Allison Walton")
age 10
Catherine M. Lawton
("Kitty Walton")
age 8
Louise Lawton
("Elise Walton")
age 6

Another daughter, Annie, passed away in 1887. 
Mrs. Lawton wrote a touching letter to her mother 
which can be read by following this link

[Left]  General & Mrs. Lawton, with their children:
Louise (Elise), Manly (the "Little Captain"), Frances (Allison) and Catherine (Kitty)  Family photo from an 1899

Major General Henry Ware Lawton and his family "The Waltons"
Philippine Islands, 1899

(Ranald, in real life named Manly C., indeed had his own uniform and accompanied his father to the front as described in the Little Colonel stories.
In the books, his character was named after General Lawton's close friend from the Indian Wars, Gen. Ranald S. MacKenzie.

The Little Colonel's Holidays
is dedicated to:
"The Little Captain" and his sisters
whose proudest heritage is that
they bear the name of a NATION'S HERO.

 Click on photo:  Stereo-view photo by R.W. Kilburn taken a few months before the general's death.  (large version)

Shortly after General Lawton's death, the family
moved to Louisville.  This photo, ca 1900, shows
Mrs. Lawton wearing her black mourning dress.

This is the "Walton" family at the time of "The Little Colonel's Holidays."
Front row: Louise ('Elise'), Mary ('Mrs. Walton') and Catherine ('Kitty')
Second row: Manly ('Ranald, the Little Captain') and Frances (Allison)
Photo by Klauber Studios, Louisville (click on photo for enlargement)

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