O’Neal Family Photo Album of Olde Pine Tower

O’Neal Family Photo Album of Olde Pine Tower
During the “Little Colonel Era”

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J. T. and Lydia O'Neal gave Kentucky one Mayor of Louisville (J. T. O'Neal, Jr.), a Commonwealth Attorney (Merrit Doup O'Neal) and a member of the U.S. House of Representative and Ambassador to the Philippines (Emmet O'Neal)

Top: J. T. O'Neal. Middle, Mina Davis and Mrs. J. T. (Lydia) O'Neal.
Bottom: J. T. O'Neal, Jr. and George Wright (Lydia's brother)

Top to Bottom: J. T. O'Neal, Jr., Bob Peters, Merrit O'Neal, Tom Peters

Standing on either side of the tree: Lydia Wright O'Neal and her husband, J. T. O'Neal.
From top to bottom branches: Emmet O'Neal, George Wright; O. Arnold; Miss Davis; and J. T. O'Neal, Jr. holding Dewey

Back: George Wright and J. T. O'Neal;
Middle: Merrit, J. T. O'Neal and Emmet O'Neal;
Bottom: Goodloe O'Neal and the family dog Dewey

Back: J. T. and Lydia Wright O’Neal; Front: J. T. O’Neal, Jr. and Mina Davis

Merrit O’Neal and Dewey

Top: Mrs. Goodman(?), Mr. Wright, Mrs. Gwathering(?)
Bottom: Emmet O'Neal, Mina David, Goodloe O'Neal, Miss Houlman(?), Mr. Wright, Miss Houlman(?)
[(?) indicates that the name could be incorrect and is a best guess based on the handwritten notation in the photo album]

Thanks to Mary Hamilton O’Neal for sharing her grandparents’ photo album of their summer home in Pewee Valley.

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